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The Rub

It was really clever marketing to call it “No Rub”. Everyone and their mom thinks all you do is take your contacts out, put them in the empty case and fill it up with solution. That is not the way to do it!

Contacts have a bunch of crap on them from being on your eyes all day. If you hold them up to the light you can see it. You have to get this stuff off or it will be as if you are rubbing sandpaper on your eyes. You have 2 options.

The first is to high pressure wash them with the solution by blasting them for 10 seconds, making sure to get both sides. This means you will go through a bottle of solution in less than a month.
Nobody has ever told me they run through solution this frequently so NOBODY is cleaning their contacts correctly with the rinse only method. Is it effective? Well Dr. Peter Rozanec thinks “No-rub contact solution works as well as no-brush toothpaste.” Nice one doc. I agree! Another friend reminds me, “Its sort of like running your dishes under the faucet and then eating off them again. And a 20-second rinse is a ton of solution! Ineffective and expensive.”

The second thing you can do is take them out and add a few drops of solution then rub them for 5-10  seconds, flip it and rub it for 5-10 seconds. Finish with a quick squirt to wash it away. This will get most of the buildup off. Look at it. Its pretty clean now. The rubbing does the best job of getting it clean.

Whatever way you clean them, remember they are still germy and dry so they need to be soaked in multi-purpose solution overnight. This is where it is disinfected and re-hydrated. So it will come out clean, disinfected and hydrated. That will keep things clear and comfortable. It will also give your eyes the best chance at staying healthy.

As always, a fresh clean contact everyday is the best. If you can wear a daily disposables, wear them!


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