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I Don’t Have Allergies But…..

Doc asks, do you have any allergies?

You reply, I don’t normally have allergies BUT….

It starts off like that but then they proceed to list every symptom written on the bottle of  Zyrtec they are eating like candy. And their eyes? Well remember how Rocky looked after fighting Apollo creed? Yea, it’s that bad!

So what do you do for your eyes?
Oh the Zyrtec, yea it looks like that stuff is really helping! Just kidding, don’t worry, I have something better for them.
Right now the tree pollen in Park Slope is out of control. It looks like its snowing out there.  It’s so thick my throat is coated with it and I sound like Marge Simpson.  That is also why my contacts feel like a scratchy little puppy tongue is licking my eyeball when I blink. Yea, it’s that bad!
Or how about this:
Have you been crying ma’am?
No? Oh, its just your allergies!
Looking to self medicate? Well the allergy med row is ridiculous. How do u choose? Honestly it’s always best to work with a doc but I know what it’s like to just want relief and how convenient it is to just choose one. I’ve “had good luck with”….is what I hear all the time.

But these are your eyeballs. They are sensitive and precious. They are complicated and often wearing a super spongy allergen loving layer of a contact lens. A  ton of people are just going to grab the Visine A, or the bottle of the brand the know from an ad.  Will it work? Possibly. Is it the best solution? Probably not. If it’s used as directed, read the label, and it gets you happy then stop reading. Great work, you chose and spent wisely. If you’re lucky enough to be reading this before hand, even better.
If your still wanting to rip your eyeballs out and dunk them in a bucket of ice water, then read on to find out how your eye doc can help.

1. We know what type of med is best. Not all itchy eyes are the same. When we look we can see signs that will help us prescribe the most effective drop for the job.
2. We can optimize the associated factors. Maybe it’s helping you get your cls cleaner. Maybe it’s helping you get a better type of cl. Maybe it’s just a great resetting drop to get u comfortable. Maybe its time to just give your eyes a little break and where glasses until things get under control. The point is, we got options and we can help you.
3. Those better meds are most likely covered with your medical (not vision) copayment.
4.  Maybe it’s not just an allergy! Happens all the time. Ok, it’s what I call the allergy plus.  This means that there is an underlying allergy but also something else going on. It’s usually this https://parkslopeeye.wordpress.com/2007/08/04/89/ and u know what? That OTC drop ain’t gonna cut it when its that bad!
I know what it’s like out there. I know what an eye doc can do to help. Please just keep them in mind the next time you have to sit on your hands in order for you to stop rubbing you eyes!

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