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Photo sesh.

Funduscopic photo of a patient's retina

Bored with your bar pics?  Had it with holiday photos?

At Park Slope Eye we take pictures of the inside of the eye with every full exam.  Our clinic uses a professional grade Canon DSLR with a special ophthalmic attachment that allows us to take amazing high quality shots.  Also, our exam room is equipped with a high res monitor where we display every photo.  Dr. Bazan and I show every patient exactly what their retinas look like and thoroughly explain how they’re functioning.  If any pathology is discovered, the pictures assist us in aggressively monitoring and treating the condition.  We both strongly believe in making sure that our patients are highly educated about their health.  The pictures allow you to see exactly what we can see.  We can even email them to you if you like.  They make great Facebook profile pics!


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