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What do donuts and contacts have in common?

Patient said “Doc, I’ve worn my contacts like this for years and never had a problem!”

Eye Doc said  “The guy who eats donuts for breakfast every day without a problem eventually has his FIRST heart attack.  Just because you’ve never had a problem does not remotely mean that you never will, or that it is the right or smart thing to do.”

Courtesy of Dr. Anthony Clark

Even if one ignored the clinical research data, common sense would lead you to believe the longer your do something that is unhealthy, the riskier it gets.  Wearing dirty contacts for long periods of times over the course of many years, just leaves your eyes open to such great risks.  The patients who come in with a contact lens related red eye, almost are always contact lens abusers.  They often are the ones who do not adequately clean them.   They are often the ones who habitually fall asleep in them.  They are often the ones who chronically stretch them out beyond their indicated replacement schedule.  Its just not worth it!



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  1. Justin,

    My analogy, but your explanation is fantastic! Hope to see you sometime at a meeting! Have your FB ping my twitter!

    07/07/2010 at 5:29 AM

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