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Should we call the new iPhone the EYEphone? It really is easy on the eyes

I have had the iPhone 4 since launch and I have been really impressed by the screen.  I knew something was way different so I began to investigate.  It turns out this really is the EYEphone, as they are utilizing retina display technology.  Typically print is much easier on the eyes than a computer screen.  That has a lot to do with the fact that the jagged pixels are a hard target for our eyes to focus on.  The smooth ink fonts provide an easier target for our eyes.  However, that may have changed with the iPhone 4’s retina display.  Watch this video.

Interesting for sure.  Is there any proof to back this up?  Here is what Bryan Jones, a retinal neuroscientist discoverd.

“”I’d find Apple’s claims stand up to what the human eye can perceive,” writes Bryan Jones after an exhaustive analysis of the iPhone 4’s 3.5-inch, 960×640 display. Article

As an extreme iPhone user, I can say that this screen is amazing.  It has been a pure joy reading iBooks, emails, websites, apps, etc.  This super clear and comfortable retina display makes the new iPhone 4 my top EYEphone ever!



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