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My contacts are killing me! These allergies are driving me crazy!

Dr. Bazan’s Top Tips For Keeping Contact Lens Wearers Comfortable During Allergy Season

(Photograph ©2007 John Kimbler.)

It has been a tough last few pollen filled days and I feel like a bee covered in pollen!  Here are a few tips to keep your eyes comfortable.

1. Thoroughly clean your contacts….ideally just dispose of them.   If you are unable to use a daily disposable contact, the “Rub, Rinse, Soak” method is the best way to do things.  See my blog post here:  http://tinyurl.com/ydy7eud Remember, a clean contact is a comfortable contact.

2.  See you eye doc for help.  An appropriately prescribed allergy drop can work wonders at controlling the symptoms.  Drop before, drop after contact lens use.  For flare ups, the second drop can often go on right over your contact lenses. Use the prescribed medication as directed to ensure the best results.

3. Know the pollen count. Today going to be off the charts? Might be a day to wear your glasses.  http://www.pollen.com

4. Id and avoid. Allergists can quickly help you identify exactly what you are allergic to.   They can also provide appropriate treatment.  Live around NYC?  See Dr. Bassett, he is awesome.  http://www.nyc-allergist.com/

5. Sunglasses. They help to keep the allergens out of your eyes, make sure you have them before leaving the house.


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