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How contagious is my pink eye? When can I go back to work? school?

Most contagious pink eyes are viral or bacterial in nature.  If it is bacterial in nature, we treat it with strong antibiotics and in a day or so, you are no longer contagious and the eye is well on its way to making a full recovery.  If its viral in nature, it is likely from the highly contagious adenovirus.  Unfortunately, antibiotics do not work on viral pink eye, and you will often remain highly contagious for several days.

img_8874Park Slope Eye knows that you need to know how contagious you are so you can plan appropriately and so that our doctors can treat and manage your condition appropriately.  Nobody wants to hear that they caused a pink eye out break at home, work or school!  PSEye has acquired the RPS Adeno Detector to aid assuring that does not occur.  The RPS Adeno Detector is a quick, painless, in office test that will aid in determining if your pink eye stems from the highly contagious adenovirus.

Knowing that you have viral pink eye you have will save you from buying costly antibiotics, help to stop the spread of the highly contagious virus, allow you to inform work/school of your absence, and allow you to receive the apporiate treatment.  PSEye feels that those things are pretty important, and we encourage you to ask your eye care provider if they have the ability to test to determine which type of pink eye you really have.

Park Slope Eye is located in Brooklyn, NY.  For more info contact Justin Bazan, OD, the optometrist of Park Slope Eye, at Dr.Bazan@ParkSlopeEye.com or visit www.ParkSlopeEye.com Also, check us out on Yelp!, Twitter and FaceBook.

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