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Why I love my daily disposable contacts.::::Doctor Bazan of Park Slope Eye

Why I love my daily disposable contacts (DD cls).::::Dr. Bazan of Park Slope Eye

DD cls give me piece of mind: I feel they have the lowest chance of allowing anything bad happening to my eye. Harmful bacteria are thrown away each night. Eliminates risk of serious vision threatening conditions resulting from contact lens ineffective cleaning routines. The use of dirty contact lens cases and contaminated solutions are a thing of the past.

DD cls are comfortable: Irritating build up and debris are thrown away. A fresh and clean feeling every day.  Essential to keeping me comfortable especially during allergy season.

DD cls are convenient: No fuss. No muss. You will find the 5 strips easy to pack and can be kept anywhere.

DD cls are affordable: A buck a day. Seriously what can you get for a dollar these days? Surely healthy and comfortable contacts are better meeting your needs than a 4 pc chicken nugget from McDonald’s.

DD cls are easy. I’m lazy. It really was a pain for me to take the time and effort to properly take care of my reusable contacts. It is so nice not having to go through the whole cleaning routine.

Park Slope Eye is located in Brooklyn, NY.  For more info contact Justin Bazan, OD, the optometrist of Park Slope Eye, at Dr.Bazan@ParkSlopeEye.com or visit www.ParkSlopeEye.com Also, check us out on Yelp!, Twitter and FaceBook.

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