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Cost Comparison of a Daily Disposable vs. a 2 week Silicone Hydrogel

Cost Comparison

Daily Disposable vs. 2 week Silicone Hydrogel

Ciba Focus Dailies Acuvue Oasys
Annual Supply (number of boxes) 8 8
Cost of Solutions $0 $80
Lens Retail Price Per Box $50 $30
Annual Lens Supply Cost $400 $240
Total Lens and Solution Cost $400 $320
Rebate $70 $60
After Rebate Cost $330 $260

Difference = $0.20 a day.

Only about 5 bucks more a month to have fresh, clean, clear, comfortable, convenient and healthy contacts everyday!

Park Slope Eye is located in Brooklyn, NY.  For more info contact Justin Bazan, OD, the optometrist of Park Slope Eye, at Dr.Bazan@ParkSlopeEye.com or visit www.ParkSlopeEye.com Also, check us out on Yelp!, Twitter and FaceBook.

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