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But if it says "No Rub" why do I have to rub?

We all want fresh and clean contacts so our eyes stay comfortable and healthy right? Well, the no rub solutions where you are only rinsing off the contacts are not good at getting them clean. If you take a shower and don’t do any scrubbing do you get clean? Not really right? Well contacts need to be scrubbed clean as well. Simply rinsing them off does close to nothing, the cleaning comes from the scrubbing!  What is worse, is many of you report, that all you do is just put them directly into the solution without a rinse or rub!

Scrubbing a contact clean is the only way to make the surface smooth. Having a nice smooth surface is important for your tears to keep the contact lens coated. If the tears hit a bump of buildup on the lens, and they break up and can’t coat the surface, the contact dries out and feels uncomfortable. Not to mention all that buildup irritates your eyelids and makes its impossible for your eye to breath. A contact must be fresh and clean to keep things healthy and comfortable, and scrubbing the lens is the only way to achieve this. I’m not saying scrub for hours, just a 5 second scrub on each side is all you really need, I know you can handle the extra 20 seconds.

The scrubbing is what is cleaning the lens, and after you scrubbed it, it has all that loose debris on the surface still. You have to rinse that loose debris off with a steady stream of solution, or it will end up just settling back onto the surface of the contact.

After the rub and the rinse, the clean contact needs to be disinfected to kill the germs. The overnight soak in fresh solution does that. It also rehydrates and moisturizes the lens making it much more comfortable. After soaking its also important to rinse each side of the lens off to get rid of any residual surface debris that could cause that contact to irritate your eyes.

So the best way to keep your eyes comfortable and healthy is to keep the contacts fresh and clean. A rub, rinse, soak, rinse routine will do just that. Trust me, it will make a huge difference. Or better yet, let’s forget about this whole process and just move into a daily disposable. In your eye, then in your trash! Simple, healthy, convenient! If you are interested and have a valid CL RX from me, I will really re-fit you at no charge….I really feel that strongly about it! To learn more about daily disposable contacts follow this link.

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